Friday, September 7, 2007

Review: Bloodline by Fiona Mountain

Bloodline by Fiona Mountain is set in the Cotswolds of England and begins when young genealogist Natasha Blake is hired to compile a family history for Charles Seagrove, a secretive elderly man. The history turns out to be a history of his granddaughter's fiance's family. Later, when Seagrove is found shot to death Natasha realizes that her work for him may have gotten him killed. She continues to investigate and discovers that Seagrove had a sinister affiliation with the Nazis during WWII and that he was highly interested in eugenics. This interesting plot is somewhat bogged down in the end and too many different characters make the book confusing. I enjoyed it, but the plot could have been tighter. I would read another of these as I really like the Natasha character and find the genealogy fascinating.

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