Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally! Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I finally finished!! I don't know what it is about Stephenie Meyer, but one minute I love her and the next I despise her. I shouldn't say her; I despise her writing and her characters. Eclipse opens with Bella about to graduate from high school. She is still being chased by Victoria and the Volturi are a possible threat. She fully expects to be changed into a vampire after graduation, but Edward decides that he will only change her if she marries him. Bella is dead-set against marriage and they try to manipulate each other back and forth into getting what they want. Also, Jacob is mooning after Bella and being an all-around jerk about it. There is a serial killer loose in Seattle and they all finally realize that it is a pack of new vampires who have been created by Victoria to destroy the Cullens and Bella. The Cullens team-up with Jacob's wolf pack to stop them and amidst all of this drama Bella has a major make-out session with Jacob and realizes she loves him. Very annoying. In the end, Bella chooses who she will stay with, but there is still a possibility she will end up with the other. These novels are so gag-me a lot of the time and I hate that Bella is so weak and always being nurtured by everyone, but the story is compelling enough to keep me coming back for more. I will definitely read the 4th and last in the series when it is published next year.

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