Sunday, September 16, 2007

Books I Don't Want to Read

For some reason, I never want to read the books everyone is reading and raving about. I don't know if it is a rebellious streak in me or if the books truly don't appeal. One of those books is The Kite Runner. Another is The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I've heard nothing but good about these novels, yet something in me resists giving in. I also am dead-set against reading any James Patterson or Janet Evanovich books. I know some of it has to do with appeal on these. When I open a novel and all I see is dialogue I am immediately turned off. I like some narrative meat in my reading sandwich. Sometimes I feel this makes me a bad librarian, but I think I can understand the appeal of the popular novels without reading them myself. One day I will probably cave in and read The Kite Runner, but I'm sorry Janet Evanovich, your books will never be read by me.

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