Friday, October 2, 2009

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan

From the Ultimate Teen Bookshelf list
It seems everyone is familiar with this story, either from reading the book or seeing the movie. Up to this point in my life I had done neither, though I knew the basic premise - four teens after a night partying in the mountains, strike and kill a young boy riding his bicycle on a dark country road. They make a pact with each other that night to never tell anyone what happened. A year later they all begin receiving notes and cards that leads them to believe that someone knows their secret. After one of the group is shot they realize that this person is serious about punishing them for what happened and the violence escalates until he is caught.
I thought this novel was okay. It was published in the early '70s and was definitely dated in its language usage, concepts of relationships and treatment of women. I don't think teens today would enjoy it fully since it is almost a historical novel. Knowing a movie was made from the book might draw some teens to it, but I can't see it being a huge hit, although the reviews on Barnes & Noble are pretty good. So, perhaps teens would still like it? Well, they can, but I didn't.

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