Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most Recent Book I Gave Up On

I have several of these, too. My most recent, however, was Charlotte Gray. I had been reading a book set in the same time period and it was too depressing, so when I tried to read Charlotte Gray I was up to my eyeballs in dark and fear and privation and I just could not do it. I also gave up on the other book, which I can't remember anymore, but I know Anbo read it. Anyway, I'm sure I'll have many posts on this subject in the future.


  1. Did you ever finish listening to Wuthering Heights? I got bogged down in the middle.

  2. I didn't even get started! It's on cassette and I've had a hard time finding something to listen to it on. My walkman is all slow and distorted sounding and I don't even think they sell tape players anymore! I re-checked it out, though, so I hope I can find something.

  3. Too bad we don't live near one another - I still have a radio that has a tape deck!