Friday, January 23, 2009

In the Coils of the Snake

I would like to revise an earlier opinion. I read only the first two books in the Hollow Kingdom trilogy when I wrote my last review. In the Coils of the Snake was the last book in the series and it totally redeemed it. This book captured the things I loved about By These Ten Bones. I cared about the characters. The emotions of the story drew me in and I even liked the ending. I notice that YA fantasy books are usually an interesting and thinly veiled social commentary. This book was no exception. All the books in this series were about misconceptions different cultures have about one another. It was especially effective in that one of the cultures was that of the goblins, who are actually kind, gentle, social, and honest in spite of their hideous appearance.

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  1. I'm glad you stayed with this series since it turned out to be good. Too bad writers can't always be consistent. Responding to your comment on my last past I would say that Parable of the Sower is quite interesting and definitely worth reading if you can stomach the atrocity of social chaos.